Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks: real glass and LEDs, timeless & modern
Modern and timeless

Real glass and its extensive facets

Glaszone Glass Element a must for every interior design

Modern Glass

Glass is a vital part of modern architecture, on the in- and on the outside. We believe that is for a good reason: Glass seems generous, timeless and elegant. The material survives most trend cycles thanks to these traits.

Glaszone Glass Crystals brown-white

Glass Crystals

Filling glass with glass crystals adds a whole new spectrum for creativity: You can place our pieces in living room, kitchen and bathroom, but also outdoors in your garden.

Glaszone Kitchen Splashback with green LED-lighting

LED Lights

Light elements (→ LED Lighting) in the kitchen splashback bring yet another facet into the mix. You can summon work, as well as mood lighting – simply variable and versatile.

Step by Step

Manufactured by hand

ESG Glass

We glue our coloured crystal glass stones (3-7mm grains) with a special binder between two pieces of safety glass (ESG).


Especially kitchen splashbacks and elements attached to walls are equipped with a quality mirror glass in the rear, in order to prevent sight of the wall behind.


Every piece we produce is finally sealed airtight. You can choose from different materials when it comes to the frame: colourful enamel, stainless steel, or aluminium. The airtight frame makes our insulation glass elements robust, dust & steam proof, heat resistant, weatherproof – which makes them perfect outside.

ESG-Glass Safety Features

No - it will not break


Even though these adjectives can be attributed to ESG, it means: toughened safety glass.

Shock-, impact-, and temperature resistant

ESG glass is impact and shock proof due to its heat treatment. Furthermore, it is heat-insensitive. Hot & cold, especially behind the stove (→ Splashback Stove), are no problem for our kitchen splashbacks.

Not armoured glass

To be honest, the ESG glass we use in our splashbacks is not armoured glass. Normally it does not break. Should it ever do so still, the splashback will fall into a thousand tiny pieces, so you do not get hurt.

A comparison

Real Glass with depth

Glaszone Element with LED-lighting

Plexi what?

Plexi- or Acrylic Glass

Plexiglass is the most popular name for acrylic glass. And even though it is true that plexiglass is light – how often do you really lift your kitchen splashback?

Plus, kitchen splashbacks made of glass are way more scratchproof, and they will not turn yellow at all over time. That way the colour intensity and sparkle will not fade.

What about hygiene? Plexiglass does not fare well with acetone, solvents and alcohol, that most glass cleaners consist of. To sum up, our glass splashbacks do not need special cleaners – you can practically use anything to get them clean (→ Cleaning)

Printed Glass

Glass with Motives

Naturally, you can spice up a regular glass plate with motives, or beautiful photos. But, do you really want to cut your veggies facing the same old coffee bean or beach photo for years to come? Probably not.

Why should it be different with our splashbacks? The secret lies in our crystal glass filling’s effect of depth. You can feel 3-D intensely with us.

Our glass kitchen splashbacks change throughout the day and exposure to light – it lives through, and sparkles because of light. Even in the evening our splashback gives your kitchen a special flair. So, this is how we make sure you stay excited about our handmade, unique splashbacks forever.

Glaszone Element with surrounding LED-lighting

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Realise your own ideas

Glass Back Panels in Kitchen and Living Space

Colour Pattern Catalogue

Vast Colour Range available for our

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks



More Information about our glass plates

Custom Manufacturing

Each and every Glaszone element is manufactured individually. We produce lengths of up to 3.25m without any additional charges; lengths of up to 3.45m with additional charges and longer delivery time; Special requests outgrowing these measures are naturally possible – please send us an inquiry.

Element Sizes

  • Minimum: 200 x 300mm, diagonal: 300mm
  • Maximum: 2000 x 3.450mm
  • Maximum aspect ratio (length to width) 1:20 - e.g. 200mm wide and 4m long
  • Special measures, forms (more than 4 corners, not rectangular) & sectors present additional charges. For round forms, please inquire.
  • Minimum amount payable: 1 meter

Weight, Thickness

To give an example: the weight of 4mm ESG glass with 100% crystal filling and a 4mm mirror back panel is 26kg / square meter. In total that equals a thickness of 20-30mm depending on the frame and if there is lighting integrated.

Temperate and lightfastness

Our elements withstand heat up to 130 degrees Celsius, which makes them perfect for sitting behind stoves or close to fireplaces & tiled stoves.

Glaszone Elements have run through intense tests at the IFT Rosenheim Institute and were awarded with the institute’s certification mark – not only a label for our product’s high quality, but also a reference for lightfastness and UV & yellowing resistance.

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