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Glaszone Sales Partners

Glaszone Sales Partners (271.4 KiB)

Glaszone Colour Patterns

Glaszone Colour Patterns (9.1 MiB)

Technical Details Kitchen Splashbacks

Technical Details Kitchen Splashbacks (170.5 KiB)

Glaszone Technical Details Wall Elements

Glaszone Technical Details Wall Elements (197.1 KiB)

Sound Insulation Certificate

Sound Insulation Certificate (77.1 KiB)

Patent Document

Patent Document (184.3 KiB)

Grant of Patent

Grant of Patent (145.0 KiB)

Have fun designing your Splashback

Naturally you get to create your Kitchen Splashback with symbols, initials and other ideas individually.

Or simply omit parts of area - without crystal filling - and enjoy the view in the back mirror.


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